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Our New Virtual Podcaster Club Membership

Introducing our exclusive virtual podcast studio membership, The VP Club!

Join the VP Club to unlock 20% off of production services, mini-lessons on podcast production + promotion, Q&A sessions, community accountability and more!  

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What's Included
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  • Monthly Podcast Lessons

  • Monthly Q&A Sessions

  • Community Accountability

  • 20% off of Production Services

  • Product & Event Discount Codes 

  • Nya B. Marketing Instagram Guide Feature

  • 1 Year Free Membership into Black Podcast Association

Become A Member
$97 Per Month
Founding members price for a Limited time only.
Cancel Anytime.
$970 Per Year
Founding members price for a limited time only. Two months free! 
VP Studio Reviews
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Gary Vaynerchuk + Team

CEO of VaynerMedia
Studio Guest

Overall, recording in the virtual podcast studio was a great experience. It was very easy to join, and Nya B. talked us through the process. The sound was very crisp and clear, there were no technical issues, and the recording came out great!