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Social Media Marketing And Advertising

Social Media Marketing Vs. Advertising: Key Differences

Are you searching for a social media advertising expert? At first glance, social media marketing may seem the same as social media advertising. There are some key differences to note.


Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing focuses on creating a brand presence on social media platforms. Focusing on the ones that your target audience engages with the most.


A crucial part of social media marketing requires an understanding of who is your target audience. They are most likely to engage with your brand and the types of content they love to see and read.


Social media marketing involves creating a calendar that encompasses ideas, concepts, and images. This part of your social media management strategy. This will all be presented on your social media page. Each of these will communicate a message that must go along with your core message. To optimize this message, analytics can be evaluated over time.


Social media marketing is a great option for businesses and brands to connect on a personal level with their targeted audience. You can post questions, polls, and request content right back in the form of pictures.


Social Media Advertising


Advertising is different from marketing because of a paid component. If you are an active user of social media, you have most likely noticed the ads on the side bar and in your scroll feeds.


This is where brands and businesses can pay to have their content seen by pre-selected or targeted audiences.


Key Differences Between Social Media Marketing and Advertising


  • Social media marketing posts organically on your social media profile feeds.

  • Social media advertising requires a paid budget.

  • Both work together to connect brands and businesses to potential customers.


If you are ready to create your social media presence, Nya B. Marketing is here to help tell your story!

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